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Peaceful Treason is a show featuring discussion about socially relevant topics--such as: economics, political philosophy, pop culture, science & technology, and religion--from the anarchist perspective. Our intention is to inspire conversation and cross-cultural assimilation through social interaction.

Aug 19, 2019


In this episode, Jacob and Mason of the Tasting Anarchy podcast join us for a lengthy discussion on a variety of ideas.  We discuss government distortion of markets, wine-inspired beers, and ways we can improve the palatability of anarchist and libertarian ideas.  How can anarchists improve how we express...

Aug 7, 2019


In this episode, we wince our way through the stinging stench of the Democratic presidential debates.  We make an analogy about state of American politics and the layers of an onion.  We also get a little esoteric or existential talking about helicopter seeds.  How close do American politicians get to the...

Jul 22, 2019


In this episode, we talk about posers and fraudsters.  We explore the Non-Aggression Principle, otherwise known as the NAP.  We look at a few of the definitional problems with the NAP and offer some insight as to what non-aggression really is.  For example, is transgender catfishing a capital crime?  Are you...

Jul 5, 2019


In this episode, we invite to the podcast, our first in-studio guest; our close friend and philosopher, Johnny Mac.  We discuss the things we appreciate about the Christian faith, and the things that we believe ought to be scrutinized.  We also discuss a new wave of Christianity that many hardliners...

Jun 25, 2019


In this episode, we summarize our recreation and beer selections from a recent trip to Texas for Chillderburg One.  Then, we dive right back into rhythm with several choice words about homophobic religious zealots--one in particular who recently stirred up controversy in Tennessee.  What is the impact...